If you travel, you have probably visited many beautiful and exotic beaches, but not one like Gulpiyuri Beach in Llanes in the north coast of Spain. This beach is not only breathtaking  with crystal clear water and white sand, it is completely inland and fully tidal. The beach is very small, only 40 meters long, and it takes just a few minutes to fully swim across it. Some people have even reported being able to bodysurf on the small waves. The beach is not only rare, it´s hard to find! Many people have admitted to only being able to get there with the help of the advice of the locals, or a GPS!

You may be wondering how such an Oasis could exist away from the coastline, and the answer is: nature is a wonderful artist! The oasis is actually a karstic sinkhole.  The nearby Cantabria Sea ate through the limestone coast resulting in underground caves, allowing the seawater inland. Overtime the sea eroded the caves causing them to collapse, creating  a sinkhole resulting in the beautiful beach you see today.

The beach has been declared a national monument of the Austrias. If you end up going for a home swap in Spain  or are a fan of exotic beaches, this is one you shouldn´t miss!