With home exchange, choosing a destination to travel to is so much easier. You don't have to worry yourself so much with the travel expenses since your accommodation with Knok is practically free! Many people like to travel to big cities such as Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, and New York... but one of the most interesting things about home exchange is that your options of travelling have such a wide range that you can choose to swap homes up in the mountain, in the middle of a valley, in the midst of a tiny town, or in a home in a developing country.

The options are so wide that it is exciting to acutally think about the places you can visit. And with Knok, your home swap is just a few clicks away. There is no fun in travel unless we come out of our comfort zone and learn new things. So instead of swapping homes to the usual places, jump to the next level and choose a home to swap with in one of those places unknown to you. Your adventure is waiting for you to begin, so drop your inhibitions and start searching homes in Knok! Happy Adventurous Exchange!