As the weather in the northern hemisphere is getting colder, those countries located in the southern hemisphere are starting to enjoy the pleasant bright sun warming their surroundings. With Christmas around the corner and kids just one month away from their winter break, many families have started making plans for their holidays. And curiously enough, this year, there are several users that have agreed to swap their homes in destinations such as Australia. 

The experience would definitely be unique because rather than worry about wearing jackets, gloves, mufflers to protect ourselves from the cold, you would be walking in shorts, half sleeves, and sandals during the month of December. The stereotypical image of a cold winter in your mind would clash with the summery Christmas celebrations in Australia, especially because it is the time of the year where summer has just begun.

With the whole festive mood in an absolutely completely different environment, the experience of swapping homes in Australia couldnt get even more fascinating. And to discover what kinds of activities are happening, take a look at Whats On Magnetic Island or ask your home swap partner for a list of suggestions; were sure youll want to do so much, that a one week home exchange will definitely fall short!

So take advantage of the holiday season and start contacting Knoks members in Australia and make your Christmas 2012 holidays, memorable!