At the start of a new year, we all make promises to ourselves: Go to the gym more, eat healthier, learn another language, read more books, learn to cook, travel more, try something new...Its a special time in all our lives when anything and everything seems possible. We take hold of our own willpower and take stock of our dreams, and try to make the two work together to accomplish our life goals. Its the perfect time to start a 30-day challenge for example, or create an ambitious bucket list, or upgrade the way you see the world. One of the ways that your family can all do something meaningful and fulfilling this year is through traveling the home exchange way.

In our blog we post all the stuff you need to get started with more meaningful travel: How to sign-up for a home exchange network, how to get the swap of your dreams, and especially great ideas on where to swap to! Plus we share stories from other home exchangers so you can hear what the experience is like for other families like yours. Thats why we thought before you make new travel goals, wed share our top posts from 2013 to help inspire your new and exciting travel resolutions:


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15. Rome: La Dolce Vita

16. The best 10 cities to visit in Europe in 2013

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18. Albuquerque: International Balloon Fiesta

19. Spain: The Historic City of Seville

20. Baby, These Are Fireworks!

We look forward to sharing even more interesting and useful posts for you in the upcoming year, helping to inspire you to make 2014 the year of the swap! Need some help sticking to your travel resolutions? Heres some tips from expert travel bloggers!


Have a specific question of topic youd like to see on our blog? Send all requests to Rachel at Thanks and Happy New Year!