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  Music is an important part of every country's cultural identity and way of life. In some societies, they say music flows through the blood, and with a few claps of the hands or beats of the drum, those with rythm-infused viens are moving to-and-fro.

If we had to pick one genre of music that has made itself known like no other, it would have to be latin music. La músic latina has hispanic roots, originating from the Americas before spreading to the rest of the world like musical wildfire. El merengue, la bachata, la salsa, la bosanova, la cumbia, el tango, la milonga... the list goes on and on. But the question remains: Where can we go to enjoy some authentic latin sounds? We've done some investigating for you and here's what we dug up...or should I say danced up :

1. Buenos Aires

The streets of Argentina's capital pulse to the sound of tango music. This musical genre appeared near the end of the 19th century and was said to be invented for the sole purpose of seducing women! Tango-ing demands unbroken and extreme proximity of the dancing couple, such intensity heats up the tango halls around the city. Heres a visual interpretation that explains it all: httpv://

2. Rio de Janeiro

Brasil is a country that definitely makes the list! The inhabitants are born with one dance's distinct rhythm marking the movement of their hips: la samba. The country's carnivals are famous around the world for their unsurpassable and contagious energy! Why not plan a swap and join the party?

3. La Habana

Nowadays La rumba is danced in nearly every corner of the world, but its true origin is in Cuba.  First appearing during the Second World War and much like its latin cousins, it's a dance based on uncompromising seduction.  Just look at the dances dramatic close, when the female collapses at the feet of her male partner, seemingly surrendered...was there ever a conquest so steeped in passion?

4. Santo Domingo

A rapid and fun rhythm fills the streets of the capital of the Dominican Republic. Do you know what music inspires the characteristic pulsating of the culture? That's right: El merengue! The national music of the country crossed borders years ago and nowadays it's popular all throughout the Caribbean.  El merengue was first born during the colonial era, but it wasn't until the second half of the 19th century that it reached international fame.

5. Barcelona

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  Barcelona wasn't blessed with being the origin of any genre of latin music, but it is home to many of them. In the streets of this city you can dance to all kinds of latin infused music: la salsa, el cha cha chá, la lambada...What's more, you are sure to find new variations and creations based on the traditional beats. If you're intrigued, take a look at The Salsa & Latin Jazz Festival Organization. This organization promotes latin culture through concerts in Barcelona. You can find the next one on their facebook page. Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor shaking your newly found latin hips! Dont forget to share your moves with us!