Tel Aviv is one of those emerging cities that is starting to buzz and boom attracting the eyes of the world. The city was founded only in 1909 by a Jewish community on the outskirts of the ancient port city of Yafa and has done nothing but grow since then becoming as of today, the 5th most visited city in the Middle East & Africa; quite impressive for a city that was just born a little over a 100 years ago! But what is it that Tel Aviv really has? 

Tel Aviv has evolved to become a cultural, cosmopolitan hub where things are always happening. Considered to be one of the cities that never sleeps, in Tel Aviv you can enjoy the restaurants, shopping, art, design, pubs... And of course, the beautiful beaches! The beaches have been rated as one of top ten beaches in the world by National Geographic; one cant even imagine how spectacular this 13 kilometer beach really is! For many people, Tel Aviv lives in a bubble; being a fusion of the west and the oriental, you will definitely get a taste of what life is in the Middle East as well. If you travel local, venture into the several markets around the city where you will be able to see the local food, clothing, brass, jewelry... Savor the delicious hummus a staple food in the Middle East and so very much part of their diet. And a must to do activity is admire the famous Bauhaus and modern architecture of the buildings recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Center.

With infinite possibilities of things to do, Tel Aviv is definitely an interesting destination to travel to. And how better to discover a city, than in doing a home swap and learn not only what the locals do, but become a local yourself!