Welcome to the latest installment of Knok & Tell!

In these posts our Knok community members share their personal home exchanging adventures from around the world! We are happy to share a great post by Almudena and Edu who currently live and swap from Barcelona, Spain. 

We've wanted to travel to Northern Europe for a long time, but somehow the timing was never right. The months when the climate is just right are not so abundant, and we wanted to go and stay for a good chunk of time, climate-wise it just never seemed to be right. Finally, luck and sun were in our favor, and a friend invited us to visit Copenhagen in July. We took this opportunity to do a two-week home exchange in Stockholm. 

The apartment we swapped to was in Södermalm. We didn´t know much about the island, except that is was known to be a young area and very hip (according to our swap host)...the truth was it turned out to be so much more! We were 10 minutes from the beach. (Yes, there is a beach there!) I would have never dreamed to spend hours sunbathing and swimming in the seas of Stolckhom...and it ended up being a much better location for us than say, the center of the city.

  We're Freelancers, and work from home. So we really appreciated being able to go for a walk and have a coffee after a long workday without having to deal with the noise that comes along with a city center--an area we reserved for the weekends. 

Södermalm was full of endless gifts for us, everything turned golden in the sunlight, and we found ourselves relishing in the joys of nature. We also discovered that right next to the house there was a place to rent canoes, and so we did, and spent the day navigating along the canals between the little islands and scouting out new swimming spots. It was truly amazing. 

We really had the best of both worlds here because just 5 minutes away there was a metro station to take us to Gamla Stan (the center) and any other part of Stockholm. We spent the weekends in the urban center, and discovered why the city is recognized as a leader in design. It was filled with historical, gastronomic, and cultural treasures that we took full advantage of! 

I leave you with my personal advice: visit Stockholm and don't leave out Södermalm. It's worth straying from the traditional touristic route to spend a day in the sun, picnicking amidst true natural beauty.


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