San Francisco is a city that does not disappointment its coffee lovers. From classic cups of Joe to more exotic espresso-infused drinks, the cafés of this charismatic city are places you’ll want to hang your hat and wait out the foggy mornings. In today’s post we’ve surveyed the moms and dads of the local neighborhoods to pinpoint just where a family might sit down for a satisfying beverage break and snack.  

Here’s the scoop on coffee shops for coffee lovers (with kids) in San Francisco:

1. Philz Coffee (Mission & Civic Center)

Any local from San Francisco will list Philz as a top go-to spot for a good brew. There are six locations in the city, each with its own unique personality. The Mission location was the first and the Civic Center has been listed as an overall favorite via Knok’s scouts.The quality of the coffee and the originality of the flavors on offer make Philz beloved by all who enter into its chill and family-friendly living room-styled salon. For a taste-bud pleaser try the Mint Mojito iced coffee!

2. Martha & Bros. Coffee

Martha & Bros. Coffee is a great little neighborhood café with a friendly staff. They have a full-bodied coffee in stock and some light breakfast and lunch foods to please both parents and kids. We suggest sitting on the benches outside to watch the neighborhood pass by. We also recommend trying the delicious favorite quinoa salad for a light lunch.  

3. Kingston Cafe

Kingston Cafe is a local and kid’s favorite for the $1 cookies alone. The place is relaxed and casual with exceptional coffee drinks (lovely lattes, flat whites, frothy cappuccinos…) and a nice selection of lunch and pastry items (including fresh fruit bowls). The space feels light and clean and the seating is family-friendly with wide tables, a big sofa, and even a dog bowl for your pet. We hope you’ll take a break here on your next visit to the neighborhood and leave a review in the guide!

4. Hollow

If you are a tea lover and not just a coffee fan than Hollow may win you over compared to the rest. They serve tea by the pot in the coziest of the cozy café in San Fran. Don’t get discouraged by the wait, there is also some seating outdoors and the special pastries that accompany the yummy coffee and teas is worth a wait. We recommend some fresh cinnamon rolls and a steamy pot of chai tea.

5. Café Leila

Café Leila was designed with a family’s needs in mind, considering they have stroller parking, outdoor seating, highchairs, and frequent live music to keep everyone entertained. Also, if you’re craving some healthy food and are potentially watching your diet, the menu here will be just what the doctor ordered as they use only fresh organic ingredients and tend to go easy on the oils and seasonings.

6. Lakeshore Cafe

The last spot on the list is a true local family’s haunt, where mom and dad can get big mugs of coffee with cream and the kiddos can enjoy a huge breakfast. It’s our Knok scouts’ favorite place to start the day together in the city.


Hot, cold, simple or fancy—a family of coffee lovers and café-squatters will be pleasantly surprised by what San Francisco has to offer. We hope our selection of cafés helped you find one where you may enjoy your morning or afternoon ritual…and please feel free to add any coffee joints we missed to our family travel guide!