With around 3,489 eateries (more per capita than any other major U.S. city), San Francisco is a foodie's dream. This city is home to delectable cuisine, much of which originated here. From seafood to sweets, San Francisco delivers all sorts of unique flavors that are certain to strike gold with your appetite. With eatery options galore, a family visit to San Fran would be incomplete without trying these Bay Area signatures.


Sourdough Bread

One bite into a fluffy loaf of sourdough from one of the area's bakeries will leave you with a new perspective on bread! Our favorite sourdough vendors? Tartine Bakery, loved by locals for its winning light char and sour flavor combo, and Boudin Bakery, a tourist favorite that holds the record as the oldest company still going strong.

Hangtown Fry

The Hangtown Fry unique omelette, which incorporates eggs, bacon, and oyster, epitomizes 1850s NorCal culture during the Gold Rush. The dish was made popular in San Francisco by Tadich Grill over 150 years ago, which continues to serve this famous brunch today.

Joe's Special

This unexpectedly delicious scramble of egg, ground beef, spinach, and garlic, is a San Francisco specialty dating back to the 1920s. Joe's special is served at a variety of Bay Area restaurants, but we prefer the dish made by Original Joe's.

It's It

It's It is more than your average ice cream sandwich. This Bay Area classic, comprised of two old-fashioned oatmeal cookies filled with ice cream and dipped in dark chocolate, has been named
"The official food of San Francisco".

Ghirardelli Chocolate

Visit the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company near Fisherman's Wharf for a taste of America's premier chocolate. The original location offers hot fudge sundaes, fancy coffee specials, hot chocolate, and a wide variety of other chocolates that are bound to leave every member of the family fully satisfied.

These classic foods intertwine San Francisco's historical past and vibrant present. Visit the Bay Area with Knok and indulge in all of the city's specialties.