The gelato from the San Crispino ice cream shop is considered to be the best in all of Rome, and maybe even Italy! The shops fame increased notably when Elizabeth Gilbert mentioned this gem in her recent novel "Eat, pray, love". Yet, despite a recent boost in popularity, the place has not lost its unique essence.

The brothers Pasquale and Giuseppe Alongui say their success is due to the attention and love they bestow upon their product. All of the ice cream they produce is 100% artesanal, made with fresh and one-of-a-kind ingredients, excluding any food coloring or artificial flavors. In San Crispino you will find truly authentic Italian gelato

Don´t let the appearance of the San Crispino shops fool you, despite being a chain, it has not diminished the quality of their product one bit--to the contrary! Plus, now a days we can find their cold and creamy goodness in various locations sprinkled throughout the streets of Rome (Vía della Panettieria, Piazza della Maddalena, among others). The folks at San Crispino treat their ice cream like precious jewels, in fact, they are such sticklers for authenticity, that they won´t sell you gelato in a cake cone. Why? Because they say it contaminates the product!

So what are you waiting for? Lock down your next home exchange in Rome and travel to the best gelato in Rome! We promise, your taste buds will thank you for it!