The last time I visited Rome while experiencing house swap, we walked the whole city. Though every night when we got home we would be exhausted, that was the only way we believed that we could let the city soak in! And it worked! And was even better is that we had a few local friends take us to a destination that we hadnt heard of. Everyone in Rome will visit those top places: the Coliseum, Fontana di Trevi, the Pantheon, the Vatican but what about the view of St. Peters Basilica through a keyhole?

Located in the Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta you will have to cross the gate to enter the Priory  of the Knights of Malta. Though the peak in the hole might only be for a few seconds, it is an interesting site and kind of surprising too. Because what you see, through a tiny hole, is a perfect view of St. Peters Basilica through a tunnel of trimmed trees. It is said that the architect Piranesi was in charge of building the façade of the Palace for the Order of the Knights; and the view from this keyhole was not a mistake, it was actually planned! And to add to the local touch of Rome, how about riding through the city on a Vespa? There are many tours offered that take you for a ride through the city in this famous little motorbike called a wasp!

If you ever go for a home exchange in Rome, remember to take your vespa up the hill to take a peak through the keyhole!