The Carnival held each year in Brazil is one of the most talked about and celebrated events in the world, and specifically the festivities that occur in the southeastern city of Rio De Janeiro are world famous. Rio Carnival, as the locals call it, brings about some of the most beautifully designed costumes and floats to ever exist. The festivities officially begin on Saturday February 8th and go until Fat Tuesday, February 12th, or the day before Lent, giving those participating a chance to indulge before they swear of the pleasures of the flesh. The exquisitely designed costumes adorned by each of the Samba dancers and their corresponding floats are there to entertain the community and to ultimately parade down the newly designed ?Sambrodomo´ at the end in celebration of the events existence. The talent exhibited by these Samba dancers is not something that can be manufactured overnight but rather it takes the samba schools throughout the city months and months to pick themes, write music and lyrics, make costumes and floats, and to ultimately put on the most talked about show of the year. Due to the popularity of the world´s greatest carnival the costs to attend the soiree can add up and become incredibly discouraging once everything is taken into account. However, instead of paying inflated prices for a tiny hotel room imagine home swapping and going back to your apartment exhausted at the end of the day in place that is as cozy as your one. Due to the pride surrounding Brazil´s biggest event, many citizens are willing and ready to offer up their accommodations to visitors so as to share the wealth and happiness that comes from participating in this euphoric event where you can dance, sing, party, and ultimately have the time of your life. You can look for accomodation and swap your home and more information about Rio Carnival. Enjoy this magical event!