Everyone has always heard that Prague is a very beautiful city full of so much culture and history. Imagine how beautiful Prague must be in Christmas! It can be only one house exchange away! One of Knoks home swap exchangers, Carlos, visited Prague last year on a home exchange and shared some of his thoughts about this festive city.

The first thing one gets suddenly hit the minute one sets foot in Prague is an intense gush of   coldness. Prague is cold, very cold. But in spite of the cold, everybody is out on the streets in Christmas. 

Markets errupt on the squares of the city filling the streets with stalls of typical and tradional gifts. The most famous market is on the Old town Square where a huge Christmas tree tansported from the north is filled with lights.

Locals, travelers and home swap exchangers become one as they all walk from stall to stall discovering the unique gift items. Typical items that you will find in Czech Christmas markets are the czech cookies and tablecloths and Frenkincense which is a Czech Christmas potpourri. Another very curious thing about the markets is that if youre hungry, the food is made fresh right in front of you. And if you feel cold, warm up your system with a nice cup of hot chocolate, warm wine or a local Czech beer.

Snow is one thing that you will definetely find on the rooftops of the houses in Prague. Apart from the markets one must take advantage of the different concerts the city has to offer. From Christmas concerts to jazz concerts. Carlos, our Knok traveller speaks very highly about a jazz concert he went to in Prague. The bar was small and cosy and the atmosphere was relaxed and the musicians were incredible; the jazz musicians expressed their passion through their music and at the end of their concert, the audience applauded acknowledging their talent.


Prague is a city that one must visit, and if possible during the time of Christmas. But before leaving Prague, one must visit the wall dedicated to John Lennon. A wall where czech youngsters expressed their anger during the communist era and is a symbol of freedom of speech. The wall is covered with layers of paint and is always changing due to people always expressing themselves.

  If you ever visit Prague, experience it like a local by discovering home exchange in Prague with Knok. And dont forget to wear warm clothes!