From May 2 to 4, the Collaborative Economy visited the Villette?s park in Paris to participate in an event organized by OuiShare. 3 intense days occurred inside the Cabaret Sauvage with debates, talks, group activities, music, and a pre-release of documentaries. During those 3 days, we could see interesting initiatives which allow the creation of communities with goals such as sharing a car, sharing a house or flat for the holidays, sharing knowledge, sharing working space or even sharing the output of research projects. The society and the economy asks us to think about the importance of sharing. The future must take into account the reuse of available resources; that is things that we already have or things that our neighbors or friends already have.   Photo by @_brieuc Some of the initiatives that are already being developed in Europe are: - You can take advantage of empty seats in your car by allowing other passengers to travel with you to the same destination, for example from Paris to Amsterdam using car sharing platforms such as Blablacar. - You can swap your home; you can enjoy a house in a new city for your vacations while the other family enjoys your own house. This kind of initiative is promoted by Knok and thanks to this travelers will save on the cost of accommodation and will live a richer and more local experience. -You can share knowledge in schools such as Trade School London , where the teachers can learn from the students too. - Or you can work in co-working spaces, sharing your knowledge and facilities with others professionals who have the same concerns that you have. The economy and the society are becoming more collaborative and if each person brings a ?grain? of sand to help the growth of the process, all together we will be able to achieve better use of the resources we have available today. Initiatives such as OuiShareFest encourage us to keep this in mind every day.