Paris, the land of the bourgeois  and the croissants, is a wonderful place to visit during the spring and summer and enjoy a nice meal on the terrace of a restaurant. Several restaurants and cafés have been just appearing and one cant simply not visit them! Recently, a new Parisian bistrot has opened up called "Le Verre Siffleur", located in the 14th district of Paris, this little restaurant has become so popular that you will always find it full of people.

Famous for their 18 euro brunches, the food in "Le Verre Siffleur" is simple and delicious making the whole experience even more worthwhile. The restaurant is filled with neighbors and friends who live in the area, but the ratings of this restaurant have been so good, that there are people from everywhere. On your menu you cannot miss out on the creamy prawn risotto, smoked salmon sandwich, tomato tartare, scrambled eggs and bacon... is your mouth watering already?

During the night, the bar is really nice with a good atmosphere. Many french visit the bar after they are coming back from the cinema. So in your next home exchange in Paris, why not visit this new bistrot and enjoy a brunch like a local french person!

Located on 73, rue d?Alésia | Chinatown/Denfert