Paris is known for its romantic charm and literary influences. Even today, locals and lovers of the classics retrace their favorite authors footsteps to the great brasseries that still remain. Closerie des Lilas was affectionately written about by Hemingway as one of his popular hangouts along with many other prominent influences of the 1920?s, and continues to shine as a beloved café and restaurant in Paris.When home swapping in Paris, be sure to stop here while you are exploring the arts and other great landmarks. Located on the corner of Boulevard du Montparnasse and Boulevard St. Michel, it has been established since 1847, and has long been a favorite amongst those in the arts. In the 19th century, Charles Baudelaire and Paul Verlaine frequently dined here, and later poet, Guillaume Apollinaire became a regular. Known as a classic literary landmark amongst most, it is frequented by locals, tourists, and writers worldwide looking to write their next novel.

Its classic history is trapped in the ambiance. Dim lighting and live piano presents a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant is separated into two different dining areas. This is the best tip to know before you go to this establishment, because it could depend on double the size of your check. The café and brasserie section is not as formal, and thus the menu is not as expensive. The restaurant section is a more formally dining section, and therefore higher priced. A terrace offers a wonderful space for summer dining at the café section prices.

Hemingway, is honored throughout the restaurant as a painting hangs behind the bar, his name is engraved on a section of the wall, and a dish is named after him, ?The Hemingway Steak.? The food is traditional French cuisine. Closerie des Lilas continues to gain recognition for their service, cuisine, and dining experience beyond its famous greats who helped it gain fame.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from noon to 11:30pm, and the brasserie is open from noon to 1am. If you want to go to this place for you next house swap, check their website for more information.

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