We?re all different creatures, special in our own way. But we are also curious human beings that love to explore the world and discover new places. There are those that love to learn about the world through adventure, those that like taking a road trip and admiring the fields and mountains, those that like traveling to the countryside and relaxing, those that don?t waste a single second of their trip and visit as many places as possible! And the most amusing aspect about this diversity is that home exchange is ideal for each and every kind of trip you want to take!


Mr. Stingy is meticulously careful about not spending money unnecessarily and home exchange is simply ideal for him because he saves up to 66% of what a regular holiday in a hotel would cost him! Just a quick fact: imagine you are planning a trip and decide to spend 2 weeks in Paris, with home exchange you would save more than 3,500 Euros!


For those that are foodalicious, (or someone like Mr. Greedy), with home exchange you not only get a chance to eat in the restaurants around you, but also cook your own local meals! With your own personal kitchen and local supermarkets full of local ingredients, you can learn new recipes and savor them as well! And it always does some good to add a few recipes to your collection and add variety to your meals back at home.

Little Miss Curious wants to know all about the city she is in and because she doesn?t conform herself with the information provided in the guide books, having a home exchange partner to guide her is ideal! Home exchange partners are the best guides of a city, that is why before leaving to your home exchange make sure to inform your home exchange partner to leave a list of things and places they recommend.


For Mr. Fussy, home exchange is absolutely ideal because he will be able to adjust and accommodate everything to his own liking. He won?t have to just conform himself with a hotel room but create the space he feels most happy with in his new home. With home exchange you choose the home you want.

For Little Miss Talkative, home exchange will give her new ideas to talk about especially after she comes back from her trip and shares all those new experiences she lived because of her home swap. For Mr. Forgetful its ideal! Because if he forgot something home he can always find it in his home exchange partners? home. And the list of characters could just go on because the advantages and comforts in home exchange are just so many that it makes it the ideal way to travel. So don?t wait another second and start navigating through out homes.