Today we begin a series on New York City, which means that every Tuesday from today onwards well be discovering new things about THE city and building our excitement to visit via house swap as soon as possible! We all know that New York is a very modern city full of innovation and culture. Its full of ideas that are ready to spread their wings and fly and thats exactly what two young architects have done with their idea. Their idea: To Build An Underground Solar Park in New York City. Amazing right? There is an abandoned trolley terminal on the Lower East Side of Manhattan that has been unused since 1948. What these two young guys (Dan Barasch and James Ramsey) want to do is transform this abandoned space into the worlds first underground park using solar technology for natural illumination to support the growth of plants and trees! The response from the community boards in the Lower East Side of Manhattan along with the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) have been very supportive and receptive. People started nicknaming the park the "underground High Line for the Lower East Side" and thats where the name LowLine came from. But it wasnt enough for this project to be highly supported. Things had to be done and thats when a call was made:  in order to execute and make this park come to life we must all collaborate and donate. Their initial goal as been achieved! But imagine what an underground solar park would be like in NYC? What could this mean to the future? With global warming occurring and the ozone layer disappearing, could and underground world be an option to consider to continue living? As of now, LowLine is just an innovative idea to add more culture and difference to the Big Apple, but who knows, this park could be a reference to the future! Go ahead to discover NYC by yourselves on your next house exchange!" />" />