They say that New York is a mixture of nationalities, essences and lifestyles that precisely create variety and give a particular personality to each neighborhood. We have selected 5 of our most favorite neighborhoods inside the island of Manhattan. Take a look!


Its been a long time since the Chinese first set foot in a small section of the island of Manhattan; but ever since theyve stepped in they have done nothing but stay! It is said that you will find the highest concentration of Asians in the Western part of the world in China; and curiously enough the neighborhood is growing so quickly that it has absorbed parts of Little Italy and even Nolita! Two things you should bear in mind: if you like Chinese food, dont think about it twice, this is your neighborhood. And if youre looking for cheap items that look real, prepare your wallet, its shopping time!

Little Italy

Just like Chinatown, this is the neighborhood where the first Italian immigrants (mostly from Sicily and South Italy) that came to New York started settling in. As you stroll down the streets youll be able to enjoy the variety of different accents and tastes that arent precisely very unknown for those of us from the old continent of Europe. But we surely can guarantee you a true Mediterranean experience as you walk around!

Financial District

One cannot visit New York without visiting one of the most powerful and famous streets of the city, "Wall Street". We could consider this neighborhood as one that truly moves the world. This area is also a  reminder, with its Ground Zero, one of the worst events humanity has lived throughout history.  From New Yorks Financial District you will also be able to catch one of the many ferries that take you away from the land to tour around the Island of Manhattan or visit to the Statue of Liberty.


This neighborhood has gone from being an industrial zone that used to be called "Hells Hundred Acres" to becoming the residence of talented artists that have taken advantage of the low rents of old factories and transformed them into funky lofts. Walking down the streets of Soho is a true experience since you are bound to come across art galleries, antiquaries, and fashion shops, all of course, with the peculiarly and typical architecture of the neighborhood.

The Meatpacking District

Located in Greenwich Village, in the past areas it has become one of the most popular of the city. Ideal to feel like an authentic New Yorker and enjoy a nice meal or drink in one of the most hip restaurants or clubs of the city. Dont feel deceived by the lonely atmosphere or the neglected look of some of the cities or buildings, thats precisely what makes the area so authentic.

Finding a home swap in one of these 5 neighborhoods would simply be ideal! Do you have any favorites? Wed love to hear about them!