Every September the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is the place where Fashions Do's and Dont's are born. Those of us who love fashion, style, and the catwalk have eagerly awaited the grand event!

There's no greater place to unite the worlds Fashionistas then in New York, the city of skyscrapers; the quintessential land of opportunities; a place where rain or shine the craziest of dreams have the power to materialize. During Fashion Week, there are numerous runway shows taking place, and the agenda is one that won't disappoint, with names like Tommy Hilfiger, Dona KAran, Dane Von Furtenberg, or Ralph Lauren...to name a few.

Following the runway shows of New York, the fanfare continues in the fashion capitals of the world with Fashion Weeks in London, Paris, and Milan.  For all the Knoksters out there who love fashion, fill your suitcases with your most interesting looks and flashy accessories and prepare yourself for the show during your next home exchange in New York. You never know...you might be captured on film by a famous photographer, like Scott Schuman!

And dont forget to eat while you gawk! New York has the best pizzas, bagels, and soft pretzels of anywhere in the United States! Plus the neighborhoods of Manhattan have tons to offer when it comes to shopping, so get inspired and splurge on something marvelous in the spirit of the new season a la moda!