Beach and New York? Perhaps not the the first pairing of words that comes to mind, but in truth, New York has an impressive offering of urban beaches. In particular for those looking for the less obvious option, a trip to the beach might be exactly the ticket to achieving real New Yorker status.

The beach season in the city is already underway and lasts until September 2nd. If you or your friends are setting up a house swap for the summer you might want to consider escaping the heat with a dip in the ocean? Here´s a few good spots to mark on your city maps:

Brooklyn: Coney Island and Brighton Beach

Among the cities prime sandy shores are Coney Island and Brighton Beach where a walk along the famous boardwalk offers great people watching, souvenir shopping, games and amusement rides, not to mention yummy local treats like the soft pretzel and salt water taffy.

Queens: Rockaway Beach

Less crowded than the beaches of Brooklyn, there´s a 3km long surfers´ paradise named Rockaway Beach. This shoreline is noted as the longest urban beach in the United States and its boardwalk has nothing to be ashamed of either!

Other Beaches

The Bronx also has an offering of pristine white sand beaches found inside the Pelham Bay Park to fulfill your bathing and basking needs. Or another endearing New York option involves a ferry ride to Staten Island, to enjoy one of the fantastic beaches and the boardwalks too. Do any of those options work for you? If you do make it to one of them this summer don´t forget to take an instagram and tag it #100cities! We love to see where you go!