If you choose to home exchange in the sunshine state, celebrate summer longer in Miami. Miami continues to be a hot spot for all ages. In many parts of the world, leaves are changing, and the climate may have you buying boots instead of bikini?s, but October in Miami is celebrating it?s fun in the sun with Miami Attractions Month.


Miami residents enjoy their city so much so they have recently installed a month of discount attractions to explore its scenery to the fullest. This October is the 3rd annual Miami Attractions month offering discounts to locals and tourists alike to some of Miami?s must see attractions. Discount tickets like buy one get one half off, and prices slashed up to 60% on Miami?s historic to adventure seeking attractions are available in honor of this month.


One of the most unique attractions is the close proximity of the Everglades National Park, the largest subtropical wilderness in the U.S. This park is dedicated to preserve and protect hundreds of endangered wildlife and it?s delicate ecosystem. See exotic birds, alligators, turtles, snakes, fish, the Florida panther and other wildlife in this reserve.


Wildlife is teeming throughout attractions this month for an adventurous vacation like no other. Discount attractions include The Alligator Farm, Monkey Jungle, and Jungle Island, among many more. Fun for families and groups of all sizes. For the adventure seeker, try holding an alligator at one of these tours. Recommended of course with the supervision of a tour guide and wildlife specialist.  


Sites like the History Miami give a deeper understanding to this city and the surrounding Caribbean. A non circulating library is also on site depicting more than a million photographs of its ever-changing landscape and influences. With a large Latino population, and more than 53% of current residents born outside of the U.S., see how this city has evolved into the diverse landscape it is today. Tours are offered in Spanish and English by reservation early.Check the site for details and discounts.


It's simply not possible to go to Miami without basking on its beaches. The 15 miles of Miami's beaches are free to enjoy in this paradise off the Atlantic. The beautiful coastline you can plan see on your next home swap is a match for the bevy of bronzed bodies that soak up the sun, and beachfront restaurants and clubs make you never have to leave. With this month's discounts, enjoy the abundance of Latin cuisine and Miami's fresh seafood.


This new month long tradition offers such great discounts it makes it easy to save money while exploring the sights for home exchangers visiting Miami in October. For more information, and other discounts for Miami Attractions Month, go to their website. You can see Knok listings to house swap in this area and discover places like the ones described in one click.