This week were taking our paladars all the way to Mexico City where we are going to taste the famous mexican Conchas. What are conchas? They are a round sweet pastry bread with a light sugary crust. Their shape resembles that of a seashell, hence the name of concha which comes from conch or seashell. This mouth watering delight can be considered a kind of latin croissant!

Conchas can come in different varieties: plain, stuffed with cream, vanilla or chocolate flavored...! The choices are ample but the typical way to enjoy it is with nata which is similar to cream (it is actually the layer of skimmed milk that appears when milk is boiled). The best time to enjoy a concha is the minute they are out of the oven, nice and warm and soft and fresh! Thats what makes them so great! To enjoy these sweet buns we suggest you visit: Nicos, a traditional and local restaurant  located on Av. Cuitlahuac 3102, Esq. Claveria, Col. Clavería, Azcapotzalco . 

But conchas cant be the only item mexicans (and curious house swap exchangers) eat for breakfast! Mexicans are known for their famous beans- frijoles which they have with different chillie sauces. Another item are "huevos rancheros" which are fried eggs with spicey tomato sauce on top. Or the corn tortillas which are topped with hams or cheeses.

Interested in a deliciously spicey breakfast? Its time to travel with Knok via your home swap in Mexico!