Los Angeles is undoubtedly intertwined with the entertainment industry and Hollywood culture. Everything popular, from fashion to food, seems to be extremely trendy. While it can be fun to be hip with the times, there is a reason that things go out of style. The best stuff, particularly when it comes to food, will always stay around. As a result, we have made it our mission to find the most classic spots for Los Angeles foodies.


1. Papa Cristo's Greek Restaurant

A lively family has owned this authentic Greek restaurant for over 60 years. Although it relies on neighborhood regulars, its incredible locale near the core of downtown L.A. makes Papa Cristo's easily accessible from anywhere in the city. This hearty Greek feast is massive, and the fresh pita bread, mouthwatering roasted lamb, and irresistible baklava are guaranteed to have you yelling, "Opa!"

2. Chili Dog Stands

Want some traditional greasy goodness? Grab a chili dog from one of Los Angeles's most famed stands, Pink's or Carney's. Pink's stands out because of its clever chili dog titles, ranging from "the Martha Stewart Dog" to "the Lord of the Rings Dog", while Carney's unique location within a refurbished locomotive sets it apart. They both claim to deliver "America's Best Hot Dog", so you'll have to see for yourself which notorious stop actually reigns supreme.

3. Hollywood Farmer's Market

If the mysterious ingredients of America's hot dog are a turn off for you, venture the Hollywood Farmer's Market, instead. This outdoor street event takes place every Sunday morning, drawing in local farmers, ranchers, and vendors. The fresh produce, numerous street musicians, and constant view of the infamous "Hollywood" sign will fill all of your senses with delight.

4. Food Trucks

The gourmet food trucks in Los Angeles take the idea originated by your childhood, neighborhood ice cream truck to a whole ‘nother level. Don't be fooled by the exterior, because these vans turned kitchens provide exceptional cuisine. Each truck has a unique theme, ranging from Mexican to Korean to American, pleasing the pickiest eaters to those with the most adventurous taste buds. These roaming trucks travel to different locations every evening, so there is always bound to be one near you!

These local food spots are unique, delicious, and will never go out of style. For more family friendly restaurants in the area, check out Knok's travel guide for families and search for LA’s top kid-ranked spots.