It is very likely that London is the city with one of the best selection of museums. And to top it off, most of the museums are free of charge making the consumption of culture an obligatory date while we home exchange in London. And why not, visiting a museum could definitely be a wonderful alternative especially if we come across a very rainy day in the city. Here is our selection of the top 7 museums one must visit in London:

1. British Museum

If you like archeology, art or history in general, you must definitely not miss this museum. Located in Russell Street, it is one of the most important museums because of the grand archeological collection it keeps. Amongst its many pieces you will find the famous stone of Rosetta.

2. The National Gallery

This is the main art museum in the city that has over 2,300 pieces of art out of which we can find some of the most famous and relevant pieces in history such as Van Goghs Sunflowers, the Arnoflini Portrait of Van Eyck or Leonardo da Vincis Virgin of the Rocks.

3. The National Portrait Gallery

This is a very curious museum where what matters is not precisely the author of the paintings rather than who appears in the paintings. Nobles, kings, relevant citizens, powerful people... Here you will find portraits of famous individuals such as Shakespeare, the Tudors or even Jane Austen.

4. Museum of Natural History

This impressive museum is home to 70 million species and objects of exposition. The visit of the museum is a visit focused around the history of the Earth, the evolution of the planet and the different forms of life that habitat this world. The museum is simply amazing, so dont miss out on it!

5. Tate Modern

Tate Modern is the most visited a modern art gallery in the world. As you stroll inside you will be able to admire one of the most complete collections of art of the 20th century with paintings of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol amongst the many more.

6- National Martime Museum

Located in Greenwich, this museum is ideal for those who love naval history and love ships. In this museum you will walk through the history of the British armada as a great naval force as well you will discover the stories of explorers, the wars, the several industries...

7. Imperial War Museum

This museum offers us the possibility of analyzing the military conflicts produced through history and their impact over society. The collection includes documents, graphic material, and an amazing exposition of military vehicles and planes.