Have you ever imagined yourself eating a proper meal in a double-decker red London bus? Well now it is possible with Roomaster, an exclusively vegetarian restaurant on a refurbished red bus! London is very much known to be a city where people from all cultures, beliefs, ideologies, eating mannerisms... come together and everything just seems to blend. And Rootmaster is just that! Tempted? Check it out on your next house swap exchange in England. A fusion of vegan food with a British touch where the atmosphere is jovial and interesting!

To enjoy your meal, you have an option of sitting on the tables outside of the bus, but the real adventure is when you enter inside of the bus! If you sit on the top floor of the bus the atmosphere can be very romantic and the staff is extremely friendly. The ceiling of the bus is not too high so one must be careful when you stand up and if too many people are walking the bus is very likely to wobble a little! The food is absolutely vegetarian and surprisingly enough so are the wines since many wines use processing ingredients derived from animals. All these well tiny but thoughtful details, along with a unique location and a new and interesting atmosphere make Rootmaster a must see local destination if you ever travel to London!

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Rootmaster is located in Elys Yard  The Old Truman Brewery.