Lisbon is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Europe, and what a peculiar city it is. With lots of hills and steep streets, it is quite fascinating to walk through the city and suddenly realize you have to walk uphill or downhill! A pleasant and cozy capital, Lisbon is famous for their pastries, especially one in particular: Pasteis de Belém

The Pasteis de Belém is a Portuguese egg tart pastry made by monks back in the medieval days. These pastries popular back in the olden days have come to become a "hit" item in Portugal, especially after the monks gave the rights of the secret recipe to the famous bakery of the Casa Pastéis de Belém. There is only a very small handful of chefs that know the secret method behind this pastry, which is generally served with a dusting of powdered cinnamon or sugar on the top. If you go to Casa Pastéis de Belém, you will notice that there is always crowded of curious travelers willing to explore this small delight. Having to wait a little in line and push your way to the counter, the Pasteis de Belém are served nice and warm. Once you take a bite, the taste is delicious; although the taste is not as mind-blowing as one would expect after hearing so, it is definitely a nice pastry to relish while you are in Lisbon.

So start planning your home exchange in Lisbon and dont forget to enjoy the local Pasteis de Belém!