One can state that Europe is a continent full of art and culture where everyday new artists are born and willing to fly. The difficulty that young artists face is that there arent many outlets for them to love what they do and earn an income with it. Thats when projects such as the Benneton Fabrica come in. Fabrica is the communications research center of the international Benetton Group. La Fabrica was established in 1994 in Italy and in the Benetton shop of Lisbon located on Rua Garrett they have a Fabrica Features which is a space with a vast variety of design works of Portuguese artists along with international artists. 

Fabrica Feature is a center that aims at offering young artists an opportunity for creative growth and multicultural interchange. The objects you can find on your house swap there are both useful and useless, but they're all artistically unique! Apart from the shop of items, they have temporary exhibitions making it a new learning experience every time you visit! And to add to the home exchange experience you can step out on the balcony and enjoy the view of Rua Garrett! Every now and then you will find temporary Fabrica Features in different Benetton stores but the one in Lisbon is permanently accessible!

If you ever experience home exchange in Lisbon and wandering Rua Garrett and happen to come across the Benetton, do go inside and check out the Fabrica store on the top floor! And if youre curious to see what kind of items and exhibitions they have take a look at their blog!