A weary traveler may curse the never-ending hills of Madeira, the famous Pearl of the Atlantic; but such moans go along with the territory of reaching any awe-inspiring view. In Portugal´s capital, Lisbon, the options for incredible views is optimal--but only if you are willing to take the climb! Lisbon is home to more than 7 hills that offer you a lookout point worthy of the Gods! 

So what do you say? Ready to see the awesome views of Lisbon?

1- Lookout Point of Senhora do MonteLisbon looks terribly small when you arrive at the city´s highest and most spectacular lookout point, Senhora do Monte. Here you´ll find a scene of complete serenity: sunlight filtering inbetween immense trees, illuminating a small white chapel--the ideal place for life´s grand reflections. Not to mention the best views of Castelo de São Jorge...

2 - Lookout Point of Santa Lucia. An aura of all-things magical thrives at this lookout point, adorned with climbing vines and color-bursting bougainvillea flowers. And if the views of Tajo don´t cause you to fall in love on the spot, the idyllic ceramic decorations of Santa Lucia surely will.

3 - Lookout Point of Porta do Sol. Situated next to the Santa Lucía church, you´ll find the perfect place to gaze upon the unending narrow streets and strange rooftops of Lisbon´s character-filled neighborhood of Alfama.

4 - Lookout Point of São Pedro de Alcântara. Ideal for taking pictures of the city, this look out point is situated in a park hanging over the city. Here you will enjoy a unique view of the famous Castel of Saint George and an eye-full of the typical red roofs of Lisbon--a picture from São Pedro de Alcântara is the best postcard you could hope to find!

5 - Lookout Point of Graça. This lookout point situated near to the Castle of Saint George and relatively close to the lookout point of Senhora do Monte, is one of the most popular among the Lisbonense. Here locals meet in the square to relax in the shade of the tall pine trees, have a few drinks, and watch the incredible sunsets. If you happen to visit one of these amazing lookout points, don´t forget to bring your camera! And please, share the amazing views you capture with us!