Knok loves to share home swap experiences of Knok users! Laura exchanged her home and went to Turkey, and this is what she shared with us! (The original testimonial is in Spanish. We have translated it, but if you want to read the original article, just scroll down a little!)

"When I travel during my holidays, a part from home exchanging, I like to get to know the culture of the place where I am going, and what better way than through its cuisine. I love learning about their ingredients and where to purchase them, dishes, food rituals, and so on. On my last vacation we exchanged homes with a family in Istanbul. I discovered the wonderful Turkish cuisine through a cooking course we did in the Turka Cooking.( There other places where you can learn the cuisine as well). 

The best thing about home exchange is that you can buy ingredients and have a kitchen to start putting into practice what you've learned; right there during the holidays. Since that vacation, we often cook at home a pealed lentil soup with mint and red pepper, as well as Turkish stuffed eggplant."

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"Cuando viajo durante las vacaciones además de hacer intercambio de casa, me gusta conocer a fondo la cultura del sitio al que voy, y que mejor manera que a través de su cocina. Me encanta aprender sobre sus ingredientes, platos típicos, donde comprar, rituales sobre la comida, etc.

En mis últimas vacaciones intercambiamos casa con una familia de Estambul. Allí descubrí la maravillosa cocina Turca a través del curso de cocina que hicimos en Cooking a la Turka, (hay más lugares donde realizar cursos de cocina)

Lo mejor de intercambiar casa es poder disponer de una cocina para comprar los ingredientes y comenzar a poner en práctica lo aprendido, allí mismo, durante las vacaciones. Desde aquellas vacaciones cocinamos en casa sopa de lentejas peladas con menta y pimienta roja, y berenjena rellena turca a menudo."