Copenhagen is one of those cities that is starting to become one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It's a beautiful city and gives one a different perspective of Europe- the northern perspective. Copenhagen is known to be the city with the best quality of life and it is also considered to be one of the world's most environmentally friendly cities! It is no surprise to find several parks in Copenhagen, one of which is the Valbyparken known to be one of the largest parks in the city. But what makes this park famous isnt the fact that it is a place where people can walk around and stroll but for an interesting and unique activity locals play there. 

We have all heard about the game golf and we have heard about frisbee but what about the combination? But have you heard of disc golf? The game consists of a person throwing a disc into a basket made out of chains for catching the disc attached to a pole. The player has to throw the disc towards the basket and get it inside in the fewest throws as possible! This game is open for everyone to play with poles from easy to medium to hard levels! Valbyparken consists of 18 holes and it is a wonderful way that locals spend their time on a sunny afternoon.

When one travels, parks are an ideal place to observe the local people and see how they interact and observe the things they do. It's a great way to discover the local culture and lifestyle of a city; and why not experience it yourself! So on your home swap in Copenhagen, dont forget to take a visit to Valbyparken and enjoy a game of Disc Golf along with a ride on a bicycle.

Located on Hammelstrupvej 100 | Valby