Danish people have two facets to their food culture: they have been exceptionally apt in maintaining and conserving their traditional food with cuisine that dates back to before Industrial times, while still introducing new foods from around the world and transforming old dishes.  Rye bread, salted herring, pork, and beer, all used in traditional Danish dishes, still have a strong influence in Danish food culture. At the same time, the Danish have also introduced many new flavors and dishes from international influence, making the Danish food culture both diverse and deeply rooted in tradition. With such a food-centric culture, an upscale food market in Copenhagen was long overdue.

Inspired by markets around the world, Hans Peter Hagans decided to bring Copenhagen's first covered market, Torverhallerne to Israel Plads. The Square was previously vacant and at night, even a little scary, but it is now full of the hustle and bustle of people going to and leaving the newly completed market. The market has a simple design of two different sections, made of glass and steel.  Hagens chose simple architecture so the focus would be on the true star of the market-- the food. The market has over 80 upscale vendors from traditional Danish food to hard to find international items. A walk through the market will expose you to local fare like the fish market and microbrewery where you can get fish and chips from freshly caught cod and a beer for around 70krone. Right down the aisle you can find foods like tempura from Japan,  brie and other cheeses from France, ham and tapas from Spain, and even food such as oxtail and red currant wine from  the small Baltic island of Bornholm. Inside the market, you will also find the famous cafés and gastronomic stores of Copenhagen which you could hop into after your marketing!

If you go for a home swap in Copenhagen, the new covered market of Torvehallerne would be a great way to try some Danish cuisine, find some familiar foods, or discover exotic foods from around the world! Its home exchange time in Denmark!