I want candy! We scream for Ice cream: Both anthems have their place in the streets of Chicago. When your little ones (and you) are hankering for something sweet, tangy, chocolate-covered, cool, and classically good you can be sure that your friends in Chicago know just which direction to point you in.  Here’s a list of the best places to find your fancy and add a little sugar into your step! 


1. The Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor

The Brown Cow is an upbeat, old-fashioned ice cream parlor located on Madison Avenue that makes for the perfect family outing on a summer evening. There’re kid-sized chairs and a flavor for almost any dietary need (that’s right vegan-friendly options!) If you love new and interesting flavors like carrot cake, this cow wont disappoint. 


2. Windy City Sweets

The young ones will get a kick out of watching the staff make chocolate and treat at Windy City Sweets. Besides being highly skilled at their sweet-making tasks the staff is über-friendly and wont hesitate to give you a sample or a suggestions concerning the wide and varied selection of treats in the shop. Try some crazy truffle flavors, like chocolate bacon cup! The also have ice cream, hand-scooped and gigantic cones.

3. Joey’s Soda and Snacks

Joey’s Soda and Snacks is the spot for enticing pop and soda drinks, fun candy selection, and lots of addictive salty snacks. They have real sugar-made drinks, not like all those processed high fructose corn syrupy ones you find at the supermarket, at Joey’s the fizzy drinks are the real deal. The kids will love all the different fruit flavors to choose from. They also have all the classic candies you grew up buying at the five and dime stores.


4. Amy’s Candy Bar

Amy’s is full of old-fashioned candy, the kind your grandparents used to give you when you were good. The Candy Bar has only high-quality treats and an exceptionally helpful staff, they actually play with the kids, and not just in that fake, “polite” way, they really enjoy making the youngsters laugh as they sink their teeth into something sweet. The homemade chocolates and caramels are truly amazing—make sure to pick up the big bag so the sweet times will last longer once your out the door.


5. Margie’s Candies

Margie’s Candies is a true Chicago institution where you will find locals any day of the week, especially during the summer months because they make the most delicious old-fashioned ice cream. The ambiance is unique as well, filled with unique characters, playing music on the jukebox and enjoying a big cone or a bag of sweets. Hands down chocolate lovers first pick in the city.


6. The Fudge Pot

You will fall in love with the heavenly caramels, dark chocolates, and other chocolate bits. The Fudge Pot is a popular place to visit in the Old Town neighborhood, stop in during a stroll and enjoy a sample of fresh fudge, or maybe buy some goodies to go (like peanut brittle, chocolate covered strawberries, turtles, sea salt caramels, chocolate covered pretzels, white chocolate, unique fudge flavors, and more!) A sampler box is also perfect for gifts!

Image Source: www.upchicago.com  

We hope your sweet tooth didn’t start aching as you read about all the wonderful candy and ice cream parlors in the grand city of Chicago. If you enjoyed reading this post, definitely check out more places to visit in the world’s dynamic and charismatic cities listed in our family travel guide