When wondering around any city a stop at a local, independently run bookstore can be a great way to break up the day and spend an hour or two in the stacks. The bookshops of Boston are no exception, with dozens of literary hubs around the city you won’t be far from the next one no matter where your spending the day. Here are a few of our favorites that make the local families’ top list of where they like to read and learn. 

1. The Children’s Bookshop

The Children's Book Shop is Boston's oldest independent children's bookstore and includes more than 28,000 titles for kids of all ages. There are plenty of nooks to hide away in here and curl up with a good story.


2. Trident Booksellers & Cafe

Trident Booksellers is a bookstore-café with an incredible atmosphere to have a nice conversation or get lost in a good book. There’s a renovated upstairs section for some downtime with less noise and distractions. Also they have a long table for study sessions or meeting to discuss a project or plan a birthday party using their resources and inspiration.  


3. Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books doesn’t suggest you read books without shoes, but instead their goal is to encourage us all to tell stories that open the hearts and minds of our children about the diversity and inequalities in quality of life of other kids around the world.  All the books and souvenirs are Barefoot are made through sustainable practices and with recycled resources—thus making it eco friendly and more responsible purchasing.


4.  World's Only Curious George Store

Curious George is an icon of the city, and this store offers a one-of-a-kind experience for those who are fans of this funny monkey book series.  If you’re coming with the kiddos, there’s stroller parking at the front of the store. If you’re coming alone, this shop is full of souvenir opportunities for both kids and adults.


We hope these bookstores will make it onto your Boston to-do list during your next trip to the city. Rest assured, new shops open up all the time, so if you are eager to discover even more book stores, check out our family travel guide!