With a wide range of cultural attractions to be found in the city of Boston, the young ones will have ample opportunities to learn about the world around them through interactive and interesting museum exhibits. This post focuses on exactly what Boston museums have to offer for families in search of fun and educational activities.  


The first stop on any kid-focused cultural excursion should be The Boston Children’s Museum. This museum has been offering children an interactive learning environment filled with fun for more than 100 years. Its success is largely due to its hands-on activities. Explore exhibits focused on science, literacy, performing arts, math, visual arts, cultures, and health! Our personal favorite is called Bubbles, which is part of the John Hancock Science Playground. This exhibit gives children and adults a chance to experiment and investigate together by creating suds-based bubbles.


An important museum is the prestigious school of Harvard’s most visited attraction:  The Harvard Museum of Natural Science. Explore 12,000 natural specimens from around the world, including dinosaurs, huge whale skeletons, tiny insects, and more! Plus adults and teens will absolutely love the glass flowers and plants exhibit. These stunningly realistic creations were first made in the late 19th and early 20th century. 


Next on the list for the family’s educational tour is the wonderful MIT museum (for only $10 admission fee). This place is a young scientists or engineers dream! Here you’ll get a glimpse into how technology has evolved, and what kind of devices the human mind is capable of concocting. From Holograms to bicycles that use kinetic energy to generate imagery to laser beams that activate sound and music to the science behind the latest developments in prosthetic limbs...the kids and you will be thrilled to discover how things really work.


You won’t want to miss the Waterworks Museum of Boston, with its free entrance and non-touristy vibe, it’s a wonderful place to spend a few hours learning about water. The overall concept is about how water systems came to be in the city. The big machinery will get the young kids excited to learn the history behind the reservoir, pumps, and pipes that bring water to Boston’s public.  

Other museums worth exploring can be found in our family travel guide. So for your next day trip, don’t forget to plan a stop into one of these most interesting and worthwhile museums of the city.