"This is Berlin", with such an unofficial slogan, the capital of Germany is a quirky, inspiring and really fun city to visit. Anything can happen in Berlin!  A city that holds in its essence a lot of changes is sure full of people who can have fun.

When you decide to home swap in Berlin, make sure to reserve a Sunday as one of the days on your trip. On that day, the Mauerpark, (Wall Park) which holds that name in order to be close to a large part of the former Berlin Wall, is the perfect place for a full day of fun. Every Sunday there is a flea market where it's possible to buy almost everything: records, jewelry, accessories, clothes, antiques, even some supposedly old soldier uniforms as well. 

At lunch time, you don't have to move anywhere, as there are many stands where you can grab a bite. From the typical German currywurst (pork sausage with curry ketchup sauce) to falafels, turkish pancakes, and hot dogs, the menu is usually simple, but not less diverse or tasty.

In the afternoon, the real fun begins: the "bearpit karaoke". Everyone who is feeling like showing their hidden talent is welcome, it's open mic time. You can just go there, choose your song and sing in front of your audience: the Berliners who are just sitting around in the stairs of the park. If you go, make sure the weather is good! The singing party only happens when it's sunny and warm; after all, those are the days that match the Sunday sunny day in the park.