Berlin is a city known for its structural beauty: architecture, galleries, charming neighborhoods...however, there exists another kind of physical beauty in the capital of Germany that takes on a more human form.

There are many travelers who are drawn to the city by a certain Egyptian woman's charm. We're talking about the one and only Nefertiti, whose bust is the indisputable symbol of the Neues Museum. Those who visit  Museum Island shouldn't skip on seeing this regal woman who emits a certain calming serenity. It's difficult to not fall under her spell as you gaze at the delicate features of her face and long neck.

Not far from Museum Island, on the opposite bank of the Spree river, other beauties sit watching the world go by. Behind the impressive Berliner Dom , these statues seem to defy conservative standards by flaunting their nudity so close to the cathedral. This group of three girls and a boy represent eternal youth as they sit unfazed by even the harshest of German winters.

Before we join these young nudists, we must remember that there's a winged-lady watching over us from high above--The golden statue of Niké who stands atop the Siegessäule (Victory Column) in the heart of the Tiegarten (Animal Garden). The most romantic of travelers will remember the statue starring in the Win Wenders movie Wings of Desire. Those who dare, can feel a little closer to the angels from the film by climbing 285 steps to reach the statue's feet and shout the only words to win this angel over: "Ich liebe diche!" (I love you!)  

Lastly, those who seek the secret beauty of Berlin should definitely visit the Helmut Newton Foundation. where they pay tribute to the legendary Photographer of Berlin. In the foundation you can look at Newton's personal objects, as well as see an excellent collection of his work for both press and promotion, such as the current exhibit "Paris Berlin" which represents the French capitals homage to the great artist.

These are just a few of the secret beauties of Berlin. In each visit and home swap to the city you will discover new ones, perhaps in the form of a classical painting in the Neue Nationalgalarie (The New National Gallery) or in the graffiti of Kreuzberg, because in Berlin, beauty takes on many forms, and reveals a few secrets of its own. __ Were happy to share this interesting and beauty-inspired post by Jaime Barber, a traveler who home swaps from Barcelona.