Everyone knows that FC Barcelona celebrates their important victories in the famous fountain of Canaletes located on the top of Las Ramblas in Barcelona. But the question that arises to so many of us is why? What's so special about this particular fountain?

The Canaletes fountain isn't a very spectacular location. Actually, many people get surprised at seeing the fountain for the first time. It's history who is the real culprit for of the fountain's fame. If we go back to the 1930s, it was a period of time where there weren't televisions in the homes of the Catalan people; nor were there radio transistors. For this reason, the culés (FCBarcelona fans) would huddle around the doors of the sport newspaper La Rambla which used to be situated right in front of the fountain. The journalists of the newspaper would receive a teletype with the score of the match and immediately write it down on a board that was located outside for the public to see.

The FCB fans that were already so anxious about knowing the score, would burst out in happiness when they saw their team was winning or had won. And this is how a few small get togethers started becoming part of the tradition of this club, and even after the newspaper shut down, every important victory of Barça is celebrated in Canaletes.