To admire what culture and tradition really is, we advice you to come for a house swap and visit Barcelona on the 23rd of April. It is a marvelous day where the city is filled up with red roses and books celebrating the beauty of love. But how are roses and books related with love and Barcelona? 

The legend goes that there was a terrible dragon that used to attack and devour men and animals. Everybody was so scared of him that to calm him down they would pick lots where people were chosen as a sacrifice. Until one day the misfortune fell upon the princess of the village. But suddenly a galactic knight appeared from nowhere and fought with the wild dragon. The battle was intense and long but the knight fought with his whole heart and soul until he defeated the dragon and saved the princess. The legend goes on to say that when the knight stabbed the dragon, the blood turned into red roses and symbolized the love the knight had towards the princess. For this reason, on the day of Sant Jordi, men gift women roses as a symbol of love and women gift men books.

In Catalunya, Sant Jordi is a celebration that livens up the whole city where all the people are walking around the streets, looking at books and buying roses. Les Rambles, one of the main streets in Barcelona, is perhaps one of the most emblematic spots to admire the celebration. The colors red and yellow will be the colors of the day. And not only that, this is the day where the catalans dance their typical local dance, "La Sardana", in front of the Cathedral and in big spaces.

If you want to really experience true local Barcelona, we highly encourage you to come for a house exchange and visit on the 23rd of April. It is an experience you will never forget and cherish your whole life! Happy Sant Jordi!