Perhaps you've come from afar to earn a degree in one of the many reputable schools that Barcelona has to offer? (Such as ESADE, ELISAVA, EINA, or brag about a few) - Or perhaps you're still weighing your options and dreaming of which study abroad opportunity will yield the sweetest fruits?

It just so happens that many of the most popular cities for home exchange (such as Barcelona), also offer some of the best opportunities to study abroad. In this post we congratulate you on your academic ambitions, but more importantly, we encourage you to not miss out on experiencing this amazing city like a real Knokster!

So put down the books and check out the 5 Must-Dos for Students in Barcelona:

1- Movies under the stars

Barcelona has one thing that not every city can offer: Awesome weather! Summer nights are cool and inviting, making it easy to find an enjoyable way to spend the evening out-of-doors. Enter the season of open-air movies ("cinema al aire lliure") and the options for watching a good film with friends are plentiful and often free!

2- Ready, Set, ¡Gol!

Are you a sports fan? How about soccer? What if we told you that in Barcelona you could go to a match and watch the best team of the century?  And what if we said that you could also join thousands of soccer fans screaming their hearts out in one of Europe's best stadiums, El Camp Nou, all while waving the traditional F.C. Barcelona flagEpic!!!

3- Barcelona at your feet

Not everyone knows where to find the spot with the best view of Barcelona. At the crest of the hilltop Turó de la Rovira del Carmel, in a neighborhood not often visited by tourists, you can enjoy the only 360º of the city. This lookout point not only offers instagram-able views, but is also rich in history, as it served as a bunker during the Spanish Civil War, and was later converted into a home to hundeds of barraquistas (Puerto Ricans) looking for opportunity in the urban center. Warning: There's no tourist bus to take you there, so be prepared for a healthy hike!

4- ¡Fiesta, fiesta! My neighborhood is having a party! 

From the very start of the year, and even more frequent during the summer months, a spirit of shared jubilation fills the neighborhoods of Barcelona as they celebrate their fiestas mayores (major festivals). Music, traditions, food, drinks and millions of other delights await you and friends in the energized city streets. The artistic neighborhood of Gracia has the claim to fame for the most popular festival of the year. We plan on seeing you there!

5- Burger Nostalgia

Nothing compares to Mediterranean food, especially Catalan cuisine....mmm... our favorite is pa amb tomàquetsuper tasty! But we also recognize that every once in awhile an exchange student or traveller craves that taste from home. Barcelona also has some mouth-watering burger joints with just the right touch of authenticity. El KioskoLa RoyaleEl Filete Ruso or Big J's Burguer are just some of the options to satisfy your itch for a hamburger done right! We recommend you wash it down with an Estrella beer! Have you tried any of these Must-Dos? Take a picture and prove it!