Amsterdam is the best city to cycle.

At least that's what The Copenhagenize Index 2013 says. The index is a compendium of the best cities to cycle made every year byThe Copenhagenize, an organization specialized in bike solutions that work with projects all over the world to improve the bicycle culture all over the world.

Amsterdam is definitely the city of the bikes. Over there, cycling is as mainstream as it can get. Young ones, elders, parents with their kids, even ladies with high heels. It's amazing how, sometimes, it's even hard to walk with so many bikes around. The canals spread around the city (there are more canals in Amsterdam than in Venice!) make the perfect scenario for a great ride. Besides that, all around town there are special lanes for bikers so you can even get stuck in bike-traffic.

It's worth it to rent a bike and ride around like almost every local does over there. Why not pack your bags, home swap in Amsterdam and use two wheels to move around?