Most people, not to say practically all of us, have a sweet tooth. We might not all have it during the same periods of the day, during the same seasons, but we all somehow like sweets. That's why when we are kids, that's what we all cherish! Actually, I dont think I've ever come across a kid that doesn't like sweets. All local cuisines have a section dedicated exclusively for desserts to try out during any house exchange! And it's these traditional, local, homemade desserts that draw us closer to the culture! Amsterdam cannot be missed for it has delicious appletarts and pannekoeks. But which little shop out of all those visible are the ones you should visit? 

De Bakkerswinkel which can be translated to "The Bakery" was first opened in 1981 and ever since has been growing. Known for its better-than-english scones, it is a small tea house where one can savor different kinds of teas. You will find all kinds of  breads and cakes here and don't miss out on the home made jam which they sell in the shop too!

And where to go for the famous pannekoeks? The Pancake Bakery! This is the land of the pancake where the menu offers all kinds and bizarrest combinations of pancakes! It is characterized for its open kitchen, international pancakes, and the pots of syrup on each table where clients can serve themselves generously.

To end the dessert tour, stop by at Winkel 43 where you can enjoy a nice warm plate of appletart with whipped cream, accompanied by a nice cup of coffee.

 Putting the cherry on the top, why not enjoy these desserts along with a home swap experience? Check out Knok's listings for a home exchange in Amsterdam!