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France Tips for living like a local

France is an absolutely rich cultured country with so much history, architecture and art that one trip simply isn't enough. Imagine walking down a rubbled road and smelling freshly baked baguettes and croissants from the bakery below the home your staying in. Imagine strolling down the roads and stopping by a restaurant's bar to enjoy a nice cup of wine accompanied with French cheese. A part from its worldwide acknowledged cuisine, France is known for monuments such as the Eiffel Tour, Louvre, Versailles… as well as its beautiful countryside.

No family trip to France is complete without tasting a delicious roadside crepe, walking around a museum filled with the paintings of famous French artists, or enjoying a coffee while you debate about the philosophy of life like Rosseau or Sartre did. So pack your bags and fly over to France on a family home sharing experience and live like a local "Française."

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