The Sharing Economy: Good Things Come to Those Who Share

Knok is a pioneering company in the sharing economy. Having children changes everything, and especially changes the way we all travel. The Knok Travel Network is for those of us who want meaningful and unique travel experiences for ourselves and our children. With Knok, we are connected to thousands of like-minded families, and we let each other stay at our beautiful homes when we're not there.

Sharing homes as a means to travel reflects the current shift towards collaborative consumption and access over ownership. This is sometimes called The Mesh or P2P economy and increases in popularity every year, as shown by the explosive growth of peer-to-peer rental companies like Airbnb, car sharing companies like Zipcar, ride sharing services such as Uber, Lyft, and BlaBlaCar, and others from crowdfunding platforms to crowdsourcing. These companies, among many others, are using technology to help people share their stuff, their time, and their skills with others.

Knok's vision for the sharing economy is ambitious. It involves changing the habits of mainstream consumers worldwide. The key to creating this disruption of old habits is by offering a better overall experience and value to the consumer. The concept of collaborative consumption was extremely attractive for ethical, ideological and sustainable reasons, and this is what sparked the movement in the first place. These reasons, however, are not enough to drive the average person in a midsize city to consume collaboratively. Knok believes that, sooner than later, people who are unaware of what the sharing economy is, but are simply doing a normal search on Google will find sharing companies such as Carpooling, or Eatwith, or Skillshare, or Knok and think: "Hey, I had no idea that existed, looks cool! I want to try it."

The collaborative economy movement incorporates not only the sharing of goods and services, but also the sharing of ideas. Knok's sponsorship of sharing economy events around Europe, it's involvement with Ouishare, as well as its hosting of collaborative events with other start-ups is helping propel the movement forward in new and exciting ways.

You can read some of Knok's thought leadership on the sharing economy here:

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