authentic experience

As a home swapper and someone who enjoys peer to peer services, you are the kind of traveler who seeks that authentic experience while visiting a new place. Whether it´s learning the local language, tasting the traditional foods, or venturing into the typical home or neighborhood to capture with your eyes, ears, and heart, what truly makes this place in the world tick.

A Cultural Agenda for the Family in Mexico City

Apr 28th, 2014

It’s easy to breeze through vacation without actually delving into the essence of a city’s history or heart. What makes a city tick is based on an intricate cultural tapestry—woven from history, food, language, and true local leisure. What better … Continue reading

The Most Epic Valentine’s Gifts, Ever.

Feb 13th, 2014

While Valentine’s Day has an unexpectedly dark Roman past, the holiday has sweetened over the years to become that one special day to express our love. How we show love differs from person to person, but giving the right gift on … Continue reading

Travel Bloggers Reveal Their 100 Must-See Cities

Jan 31st, 2014

For those who don’t already know, 100 Cities is a Collaborative Travel Guide that Knok put together with the help of over 100 travel bloggers from around the world! The project was launched a year ago in February 2013, and we are … Continue reading

Summer in January – A Family Trip To The Canary Islands

Jan 20th, 2014

Welcome to the 1st Knok & Tell of 2014! As you may know, all Knok & Tell posts come from you–our well-traveled Knok community! Today we are happy to share another great post by Laura and her family who currently live … Continue reading

The Ultimate Travel Hack For Meaningful Travel

Jan 14th, 2014

We hope you’ve heard of home exchange by now; an ever-popular point of reference is the movie The Holiday where two women (played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz ) with men problems swap homes and find new love in exchange! Not … Continue reading

Up-And-Coming Travel Destinations in 2014: Europe

Jan 08th, 2014

At the start of the year after all the resolutions are made, and the bucket lists are written, it’s a good time to look for some inspiration for your new travel goals. Perhaps you want to travel more this year but … Continue reading

2014: The Year of the Swap

Jan 02nd, 2014

At the start of a new year, we all make promises to ourselves: Go to the gym more, eat healthier, learn another language, read more books, learn to cook, travel more, try something new…It’s a special time in all our lives … Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Home For Your Family’s First Swap

Dec 30th, 2013

As we approach 2014, many of you have already started planning your vacations for the new year. We hope that if you haven’t given home exchange a try that 2014 will be the year! Our blog Knoleskine offers travel inspiration, ideas … Continue reading