Vacation Packing Tips for Families with Kids

Aug 18th, 2015

Packing the bags for your kids is half the battle when going on a vacation. Make sure you cover all of the bases with these packing tips: 

Make a list of essentials: Plan ahead! Focus on the things you know they will need like swim trunks, a toothbrush, any medicines they might need etc. This will help keep things organized from the get-go.

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Vacation Costs Continue to Rise, But Not for Home Exchangers

Aug 11th, 2015

If hotel prices are holding you back from going on your next vacation or if high costs are forcing you to travel closer to home – you need to start reevaluating your options.

Finding accommodations for a vacation can turn into a difficult task. Not only is it a pain to have to pick from similar hotels in the same area, but you have to decide if what you want in a room is worth the price they are charging.

The cost per hotel night is rising every year and will continue to do so in the years to come. With that, the budget percetage that families allocate for vacations increases every year, which forces many families to travel closer (no plane tickets) or take smaller vacations(less days, less expensive) or staying in lower quality places.

Home exchange price versus hotel prices

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Share a dinner and rediscover each city you visit

Aug 06th, 2015

VizEat around the world

To all those cooking enthusiasts who love to share and enjoy the food in every corner of the world, we’d like you to introduce you to VizEat: the leader of the social dining in Europe.

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The New Travel Agent: Your Child!

Aug 03rd, 2015



Kids have become the new family vacation planner. Recent analysis from shows that children have the most sway when it comes to the final destination for the family. It may seem silly, but they are the ones that parents strive to entertain, so in reality, it makes sense!

If they had the option of a home exchange, in place of a regular hotel what would they choose? Here are five reasons why their decision would be a no brainer if they knew what a home exchange could give them:

Infinite New Toys – Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! When doing home exchange, families leave their child’s toys to your children’s disposal. Your kids will get a whole new set of toys, AND you don’t have to travel with your own to your destination. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Your Own Room – No more sharing a room with your kids! They will get to have their own room with a bed their size. It gives everyone more space and the children more independence. Now they’ll feel right at home and the adjustment into a new place will be smoother.

Parents Don’t Have to Keep Them Busy – Being crammed inside a hotel room while getting ready for the day and preventing the kids from jumping off the walls is a very large task. When doing a home exchange they can hang out in their room playing with all of their new toys until it’s time to go! And plus there’s plenty of space to do so.

Kid-Friendly Attractions (and Restaurants!)- Most of your recommendations for activities, specifically when using Knok, are geared towards children. This means endless fun and lots of things for your kids to look forward to on your trip. Even the restaurants on Knok’s travel guide are perfect for the family; complete with good kids meals or special treats and activities.

Longer vacations If the little ones were given the choice of going on vacation a few hours away for a few days or 2-3 weeks in new city overseas with lots to do, which would they pick? With a home exchange the world is your oyster! You can go to the places your kids want but didn’t know they had the chance to.


Next time you ask your kids where they want to go on vacation, you can have them pick a home exchange from any part the world! You (and your little travel agent) won’t regret it.

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Far Away Vacations Are Not So Far With a Home Exchange

Jul 28th, 2015



Imagine yourself on the beaches of Phuket, Thailand with a drink in your hand, sitting underneath a palm tree, without a care in the world. Or imagine scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, where some of the world’s most exotic animals call home.

These places may seem too far away and unrealistic travel destinations for you and your family, but thanks to the convenience of home exchange, this could be you! Whether you’re oceans away from Thailand, and Australia or a short road trip to the shores of Mexico, the possibility of traveling to exotic places is no longer out of the question. With Knok and our thousands of homes available worldwide, traveling to new places across the world can become a reality.

With beautiful homes in Argentina, Madagascar and Thailand, your options are limitless. Because you will end up saving so much on your accommodations, the cost of traveling to these countries won’t be so daunting. You can stay and enjoy the perfect weather and views through the windows of someone’s home. Families are ready to swap their houses now so take advantage of it before it’s too late!

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Millennial Travelers – Will They Home Exchange?

Jul 20th, 2015


A new wave of consumers, known as the millennials are changing the face of society and more importantly, they are changing the way they travel, creating new travel trends.

Millenial travelers are Explorers, Never Tourists. They are all about the adventure, taking the road less traveled, and doing what no one expects them to do. So long are the days of being a tourist in a foreign place. They have had enough of that as kids!

That’s why they are embracing home exchange where they have the ability to experience new places like a native. With recommendations from the family they exchange with and not living in a touristy hotel, they can live like a local and be treated like a local. Becoming an explorer is simply a natural result of a home exchange and is the best way to give this generation what they want.

For millenial travelers, Customization is Key, and that’s why they travel and swap homes, as it is the definition of customization.

You can customize your experience, and adapt the home to your needs: with or without pets, in the city or outside, cook your own food if you want or eat at recommended restaurants from your swap family. You have the ability to work with the family for your specific wants and needs for your stay, while also creating a personal relationship with them throughout the process.

Millenial travelerss use Technology to Enable Communication, and that’s why they feel comfortable doing home exchanges during their trips

Almost every step in the home exchange process is online, and can be done through an app on their phone. From searching to creating the home agreement, to finding recommended places for their trip in the travel guide, which makes it all very easy to use. They can also write reviews on different locations, venues or whatever it may be, in real time, from one trip to the next.

A home exchange can perfectly fit the mold the millennial travelers are creating. With this new generation on the rise, we all need to be ready for the new travel landscape of the future.

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5 Reasons Home Exchange is Perfect for Young Couples

Jul 14th, 2015

Calling all couples with adventurous souls! Going on vacation home exchanging with Knok is easy: you will be able to travel where you want, for how long you want, when you want.

Here are 5 reasons why you and your partner should start home exchanging today:




1. Flexibility – Couples with no children usually have more time for some vacation, without having to coordinate a babysitter, or soccer games or entertaining the little ones during the trip. And with the flexibility and customization of home exchanging, it is a great opportunity for a young couple to explore together. The only coordination that needs to be done is with the other family that is doing the exchange. If you can swap your home one week, and they can swap theirs another week, that can work too! It does not have to be simultaneous and can be as flexible as you’d like it to be.

2. Travel Further – With just two people to accommodate and spend money on, traveling further distances becomes much easier. Knok has homes that cover the globe, so the options are endless. You can now travel to countries and cities that you never thought you could, like Argentina or Australia. All you have to do is find a location and family offering an exchange and pack your bags!

3. Travel Longer – Affording a long vacation away can add up quickly. Although there are only two people to worry about, hotel accommodations, travel means and different excursions can be very expensive. It’s a main reason that people shorten their vacations in the first place. But not anymore! It’s now inexpensive to stay in a home for the duration of your choosing, with Knok membership!

4. Travel More Often- if you can’t take long trips with you and your partners’ busy schedules, you can easily take multiple weekend trips throughout the year. With a Knok membership, you are entitled to unlimited travel for that year. As long as it works with your schedule and you can find a family who wants to swap, traveling the world more frequently can be possible.

5. More Amenities- With just two people to satisfy, the benefits of doing a home exchange can be even more numerous. Besides being able to use the whole house, some exchangers might allow you to bring your pet so you don’t have to find accommodations for them while you’re away or they might let you use their gym pass to the local gym. You and the other family can discuss and plan what you both want to do. But with two mature adults, the amenities are sure to be plentiful and the trust is sure to be strong.


Home swapping is not just for families! It is the perfect fit for young couples that love to travel and are looking for a better way to do so.

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Tips for Air Travel with Kids

Jul 08th, 2015

Traveling on a plane with the kids can be nothing short of a nightmare. The thought of the others around you giving you hard stares or complaining quietly is enough to make you stay home. So many things could go wrong that you have no control over, so it’s time to go with the flow.


Here are some tips to help the flight go as smoothly as it possibly can!

Choose flight times when they will fall asleep: When deciding what time to book your flight, pick times where you children aren’t going to be wide awake. If you pick a red eye or a time they normally nap, they’ll be more inclined to sleep. Whichever is most normal for your child, when it comes to sleeping, is the best way to go.

Book seats together: Try and do this as early as possible when booking your flights.If not ask the people around you if they wouldn’t mind moving. It might be a nice gesture to bring Starbucks gift cards as a thank you!

Choose mid-week flights: Instead of flying out on the weekend where flights are super crowded, try planning your trip from Wednesday to Wednesday. This will give you and your family space to spread out and relax. Also, flights in the middle of the week are less likely to get delayed, which takes a lot of the stress off traveling.

Communicate: Talking to your kids before you travel is extremely important. Explain to them what they should expect from checking in, to going through security, to boarding the plane. Let them know that this will be a fun adventure, and get them excited. It might even be a good idea to go through different situations they might experience and ways to handle them. 

Have your children carry their own backpacks: When they carry their own things, it’s less for you to worry about. And a bonus is that they can feel like a big girl or boy because they are responsible for a bag all by themselves. 

Bring entertainment: This is a time where your allotted technology time per day does not count! Load up your ipad or iphone with kid friendly apps and games and keep them occupied, at least for a portion of the flight. Movies are also a great idea!

Feed them: Give them junk food, veggies, candy, whatever you want! This is the time of all times is when to let them splurge because it will give you and the rest of the plane a few moments of peace while they chow down.

Bring surprises: Let them pack their activity bag of the items they would like to bring (with your discretion of course), but always have a little extra something that they don’t know about and you know they will love. Whether it be a toy, a game, a treat, give it to them when they’ve been behaving well or even if they haven’t been! New items will keep them occupied longer than things they have already seen. It can make a boring flight into a fun and exciting one instantaneously.

Ignore the people around you (but still try and be considerate): Don’t worry about whether or not everyone thinks you’re a bad parent or you’re not doing something right. You are doing what works for you and your family. If people are giving you dirty looks, forget them! You are doing the best you can! They’ve probably been there before too. Plus, chances are, you will never see these people again!


Here’s a cute idea one father did on his child’s first flight! He definitely should get an award for this one!

Next time you take the family on vacation, don’t cringe at the thought of flying! Take a deep breath and remember the memories you will make on the vacation are so much more than your flight experience!

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