5 Tips to Search & Find Your Perfect Home Exchange

May 28th, 2015

With thousands of locations to home exchange with, searching for and finding the perfect fit may seem difficult. But if you know how to optimize your search, you can find the home swap you’re looking for in no time.

Home exchange Knok how to search 2 5 Tips to Search & Find Your Perfect Home Exchange



To find exactly what you want in a home in the destination of your choice, the website explicitly identifies the different amenities included in each house. You can search by country or city and narrow it down from there. Want an apartment in Barcelona with a balcony? Or a home for four with wifi outside of downtown Boston? Make sure to take advantage of the filters by map, features, key words, etc. Knok makes it very easy to find.


When someone “knoks” on your door, or sends you a message of interest, it is best to respond in a timely manner. They could have the home of your dreams or be in a location that has everything you wanted and more, and you don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity. However, even if it’s a family that you’re not initially interested in swapping with, be open to what they have to say and offer you and your family. The best thing to do is respond to all messages as soon as you get them. Don’t wait! Fortunately, Knok makes it easy for you to do so. Right when you get a message, with the click of a button you can tell the family with an automated message that you’re interested, not interested or you would like more information. Keep your options open…Who knows, it could end up being sheer serendipity!


Don’t wait for someone to knok on your door! Go after it, look around for what you want and connect with a home you’re interested in! Don’t be shy and limit yourself to what you think may be the perfect match! Reach out to anyone and everyone, this way you are sure to find a swap. You may end up helping someone realize that your house is what they want! Instead of focusing on one single destination, try searching for common interests and hobbies between other exchangers! Everyone has different tastes, but that is no reason not to knok on doors and message new families!


To make the most of your home exchange experience, your wish list is a great tool. You can simply go through all the homes and pick your favorites for future trips or to refer back to them later. In addition to your favorite homes, you can create a to do list of different activities you would like to do when traveling to the destinations of your choice. This is a simple way to keep everything organized and saves you from having to remember everything!


Finding what you want in sea of homes available around the world can be a no brainer when you have the right tools and knowledge. Go forth and get knoking! You never know where it could lead!

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How to Create a Home Exchange Profile in 10 Minutes

May 25th, 2015

Yes! In only 10 minutes you can start to home swap and open the door to a stress-free travel experience. Creating a profile is fast and easy, and it is also important to remember to include as much information and pictures about your home as possible and make a good first impression on other home swappers. So get your photos ready and let’s start the timer!

Home Exchange Knok how to create profile in 10 min How to Create a Home Exchange Profile in 10 Minutes


Begin by creating an account using Facebook, Google +, or Email. Once that is complete then just follow our tips step by step:

- Add where you’re from and the destinations you would like to travel to.

- Then, list your home describing the specifics of your house like for example, if there is air conditioning, a balcony or a car available to use, be sure to let the other members know.

- Then describe the type of neighborhood you live in and any areas you live near.

- Finally photos are the most important points to find a great home exchange, provide images of the inside and outside of your home so others can have an idea of the kind of accommodations you are providing (read here how to take good photos of your home for your house exchange). You also have the option of adding photos later if you are not ready for that step yet.

Et voila! Your profile is ready for the home exchange world.

If still want some more tips, remember these helpful Hints for Your New Profile:


Include as much information about your home and location as you possibly can. It will increase your chances of finding a family that is interested in your home. When you have great pictures and extensive information on your home, members will be more likely to consider your home as a place they would like to stay.


Just like in life, the first impression you make on an online home exchange is very important. You should start by showing everyone how great your family and location is. By being friendly, flexible, and easy to communicate with, you have the ability to create new relationships with people around the globe.


Knok members live in thousands of cities worldwide, giving Knok-sters the ability to go wherever they please. For holiday travel in the mountains or a little beach getaway, you have a variety of destinations at your fingertips. From San Francisco and Vancouver, Canada to the shores of Australia and beyond, Knok makes it easy travel to the destination of your dreams.


Home swapping may seem intimidating at first, but fear not! It is a quick way to connect and an easy way to travel the world. Plus, with the help of Knok, the opportunities are endless.

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Why Home Swap? Top 8 Reasons to Change the Way You Travel

May 21st, 2015

If you are planning your next vacation, think on doing a home exchange. Seriously! For many people, home swapping is the only way to travel the world, why not for you?

The ability to live like a local, receive personal recommendations from the families, save hundreds on international accommodation or simply feel at home in a different city, is something travelers cannot pass up.

Here are the top 8 advantages of exchanging your home on your next vacation:

Home Exchange Knok why you should home exchange Why Home Swap? Top 8 Reasons to Change the Way You Travel



You no longer have to live out of a suitcase from a small room that you share with the rest of your family. Now you can spread out in an entire apartment or house, make yourself comfortable, and feel at home while you’re hours away. You get extra amenities that would not normally come with a hotel, along with several more rooms (kitchen, living room etc.) that provide more than enough space to fulfill your needs.


You can exchange your home simultaneously or not. If you do not want to swap your home simultaneously, you can utilize your “Knok Days” to get flexibility for your travels. For example, you can travel in the summer months and the other family vacations at Christmas time while you are away. The options are endless and can easily be determined between you and the other family.


Say goodbye to the days of feeling like a tourist; many home exchangers are recommended to provide their favorite places and local tips to help you feel like a native. By doing so, it gives you a chance to gain new perspectives and can help make the adjustment much simpler. Once both home exchangers agree to care and respect the home they stay in and follow Knok’s guide to being a good home swapper, you can often find yourself with a new friend inviting you back to their home as a guest.


Since you won’t be spending a large sum of money on a hotel during your vacation, you now have the ability to stay longer somewhere because you are not paying per night. You can even travel to far away places you may not have considered before, by spending the money you would have used on accommodations for a more expensive plane ticket instead.


Imagine being able to exchange your home as many times as you want for as long as you want for the equivalent of less than a typical hotel night. Being a member of Knok, you can make this a reality. Simply choose to pay a small fee during the first thirty days or wait until you have found your home exchange to pay 99, an easy way to save on travel accommodations.


Fortunately every home you exchange is insured by Knok home insurance for the unlikely damages that might happen during your trip. Knok is great at giving home exchangers peace of mind, between both the insurance they provide and the reliable process in which they protect the privacy of owners.


Home swapping also gives you a well-established online exchange community. With a network such as Knok that contains homes in more than 150 countries and a support system for all of your questions/concerns, the process becomes extremely stress free. There are thousands of people like you that are looking for a fun and safe way to accommodate their family during their travels. Once you decide on a location and family, the required home exchange agreement is easy to complete. All the details are laid out for you to ensure mutual respect between exchangers. This can include allowing the use of the exchanger’s car or allowing pets.


When you go on vacation, you leave your house empty until your return. But with home exchange you can make the most of your resources by allowing a family to stay in your home and take good care of it while you’re away.

Next time you think about booking that expensive hotel in the city of your dreams, be sure to take a look at Knok and consider how home exchange can change all of your travel experiences for the better!


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A Guide to a Shared Economy: Live Better with Less

Oct 28th, 2014

With today’s hard economy, it’s difficult to maintain that standard of living we are used to having. Instead of fighting to keep what we know, why not change our ways of thinking and open the door to new alternatives? Albert Cañigueral, an expert on collaborative consumption on a world scale, has published a book Vivir Mejor con Menos (Live better with less), in which he explains that a high level of consumption doesn’t necessarily mean a better life.

vivir mejor con menos small A Guide to a Shared Economy: Live Better with Less

Consumption is the access (and utilization) to assets and other material things in life that contribute to our well-being, but it doesn’t just end there. A shared economy opens areas like mobility and travel, tourism, and finances among others, and offers a series of economic changes that supports and encourages an important change for our society.

One of these ideas is home swapping, a perfect example of a shared economy at work, taking the idea of “living better with less” and applying it to a vacation with the notion of “having a better vacation with less”. This option gives a traveler much more space than a hotel room can offer, giving one the advantage to have longer vacations or traveling farther away (such as internationally). You also get a cultural immersion in the real neighborhood where you are staying, appearing like a local instead of a tourist.

Albert has given us 3 books as gifts for our readers that we think stand out among the others that help us explain “what you like most about home exchanging” (if you are new on the topic of home exchange, you can participate too!). The book is written in Spanish, but why let that stop you?

Write us today at info@knok.com to participate!

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Continuing our tradition: Family home exchange

Oct 27th, 2014

Welcome to Knok: the smart way to home exchange. We make traveling with families easy; we are the first family-friendly travel network built by families for families who love to travel. Here at Knok, we help you save money and travel like a local to make your travel experiences more memorable and authentic.


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A Charming Home Exchange in Nice

Oct 01st, 2014

Will from London did a home swap in Nice, France, and had nothing but nice things to say about it! Here is what he shared with us about his home exchange experience:


“We did a non-simultaneous home exchange last year, as the other family wrote us first to see if we were interested in visiting Nice. We had no plans to travel in the near future, but since it could be done at any time we said yes, and they came and visited our home.

This summer, we suddenly had an open spot for a 1-week vacation, wrote them back, and in less than a day they answered saying that their apartment was indeed free and we could travel. Everything was organized with very short notice, and it still turned out perfect.

The best of the trip? Staying in the very heart of Nice, what a great location!

Villefranche LQ 640x280 A Charming Home Exchange in Nice


We have done three home exchanges in the last year, sixth in the last two. Amsterdam (for a conference), Paris and now Nice. We also just agreed on another exchange for a weekend in Rome!

The most surprising thing about the experience was the cars in the parking garage where we left the car when we visited Monte Carlo, it was really something unreal… it had 6 floors, and about 5 to 10 Ferraris per floor. It was just amazing.

We visited some of the Hilltop, (or rather mountaintop), villages in the inner part of the Cote d’Azur. They are up high in the mountains and are pretty inaccessible; the villages have medieval architecture built in stone and cobbled streets. Beautiful places. The sunset from Peillon was truly breathtaking, we really recommend you to visit the village.

P9062274 480x640 A Charming Home Exchange in Nice


We really enjoyed the road between Nice and Monaco, which we did through the Moyenne Corniche. It has about 10 kilometers of turns, cliffs and wonderful views of the sea, and shows off the impressive houses of the area. It was really something special.

Villefranche 2 LQ 640x304 A Charming Home Exchange in Nice

I would recommend to friends and family thinking about home exchanging in Nice to skip the summer. During that time, there seems to be way too many people, and when roads are packed, jams occur often and parking is a nightmare. We visited in the first part of September and driving was pleasant and parking was relatively easy.


One of the things that we like most about home exchanging is the possibility of staying in the very heart of Nice. Of course, it’s difficult to know, but we spent 7 nights for free. With hotel/apartment prices in the area that means at least 700-800€, probably more. What a great location to swap in!

Getting Started: Steps for your First Home Exchange

Sep 23rd, 2014

Now that the rhythm of fall is here and the excitement of summer has passed, it is the perfect time to start planning a home exchange for next summer! These step-by-step instructions are perfect to help the first timer properly plan and enjoy a memorable vacation.

Bahamas Vacation 640x424 Getting Started: Steps for your First Home Exchange


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Home Exchange Experience from a Veteran Traveler

Sep 18th, 2014

Susan is one of the most experienced home exchangers we have met during these years, and we have asked her to tell us a bit more about all her experiences home swapping. Here you have a great testimonial to start thinking about a home exchange for your next trip:

Our first experiences:
We started to home exchange in 2007, and we have had about 30 home exchanges since then. Like most people we started off because of the savings of money on the trips. Now it’s turned into much more than that, and now it’s really about all the people. We have made so many friends throughout the world. It’s really just changed the entire way that we have traveled.

Sausalito boat house Knok 21 Home Exchange Experience from a Veteran Traveler

One of Susan’s most memorable exchanges was a houseboat in Sausalito.


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