The Most Epic Valentine’s Gifts, Ever.

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While Valentine’s Day has an unexpectedly dark Roman past, the holiday has sweetened over the years to become that one special day to express our love. How we show love differs from person to person, but giving the right gift on V-day is crucial for all of us! And while not every country or culture celebrates Valentine’s Day the same way (or on February 14th for that matter), each one has a special day when love conquers all. So whether you’re celebrating in a romantic restaurant in Paris, or in that impressive venue in New Yorkwe want to offer you a few novel ideas to impress the ones you love.

strawberryLet’s start with the stomach. We all know the classic saying: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” We believe this is true for both men and women. That said, we have an idea that is sure to hit both sexes’ sweet spot: A one-of-a-kind dinner at a local’s home in your city of choice via EatwithThrough Eatwith you can browse thousands of hosts and menu options, and pick the home-cooked and locally-curated meal that has all the right ingredients for your special taster. 


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With our stomachs taken care of…now what about our intellects? We all know that Shakespeare helped to romanticize the holiday through his beautiful prose. Let’s take our cue from this master of expressing love, and borrow some local talent to help us express our love creatively. Find your own poet or artist for hire (or trade!) and make your present mind-blowing! Online platforms like Swapsee and Etsty make it possible to swap skills or exchange money to make your original crafty project a reality. Let your loved ones be your muse! 




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Ok we’ve given our loves something yummy and witty! Now it’s time to do the most epic gift of all time: TRAVEL! We’re not talking about just any old trip… We’re talking about the gift of unlimited travel world wide. Let your loved one browse though thousands of available homes where you can stay in the most romantic cities in the world. Try Knok and you will see that with home swapping, you can go on weekend trips, local getaways, or that big european adventure–all for just one fee! Give your Valentine  a membership to Knok and let your adventures in love begin…


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And here’s a bonus! One last gift idea that’s a classic: The Valentine’s Day Card. Only this year, it’s time to go digital. We know, that seems cold. But with Paperless Post, you will find truly heart-touching designs and messages that will put a priceless smile on your darling’s face despite having an inbox from…you know where!

Are we forgetting any more EPIC Valentine’s gift ideas? Please let us know, so we can share it with our very lovable community!

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