3 Secret Santa Ideas To Save Your Wallet & Win You Friends

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Image source: Pinterest http://blog.blowing-up.com/?p=1383

Image source: Pinterest http://blog.blowing-up.com/?p=1383

The holidays are fast approaching and whether you plan a glorious staycation in your home town like me or whether you plan to do a last minute home swap to a more exotic location (for example this sweet escape in Bali!) you are surely attending a few friends’ holiday parties before you pack your bags! If it’s been a good year, your heart might be feeling extra generous when it comes to buying gifts for others…but if it hasn’t, your bank account might be hindering your otherwise naturally giving spirit! That’s why we thought that these secret santa ideas might be a perfect solution for you and your friends. Believe me, everyone will be glad you thought of it!

3 Secret Santa Ideas That Will Save Your Wallet And Win You Friends:

yelp-logo 2-santahat1. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This year Knok & Yelp are throwing a wonderful Christmas party in a Knok home in Barcelona, Spain. We wanted the guests to do a Secret Santa in the spirit of swapping and local travel love, but we didn’t want to force people to spend money in order to do it. Our solution? A “home-bought” gift, meaning guest would bring something from their homes that they no longer use and give it to their Secret Santa. This way, no one needs to go out and buy anything! Genius? We’ll let you know how it goes at our party. If you’re interested in attending as a special Knok guest please send us an invite request here.

Image from: https://www.facebook.com/TerraCycleFr

Image from: https://www.facebook.com/TerraCycleFr

2. The year of the DIY. There is a trend that’s gone viral on one of our favorite social media channels and it’s called: DIY or Do It Yourself! If you search on PinterestEtsy or TerraCycle you will find a plethora of super creative, beautiful, and recycled handmade gifts that are both easy to do and inexpensive. Plus your friends will flip at how crafty you are!


3. A letter is worth a thousand emails. When’s the last time you wrote your best friend from High School a real heartfelt letter? We consider this the ultimate “secret” gift because it’s most likely your friend would never expect it in a million years! Why not organize all the long-distant friends in a secret santa letter writing chain this year? We recommend the new letter writing app Lettrs , which lets you send paper and digital letters around the world. 


Image from @Lettrs twitter feed

Image from @Lettrs twitter feed

We hope you’ll consider one of these options for you Secret Santa exchange this year.  Or perhaps you have an even better idea we haven’t thought of?

Stay tuned and we’ll let you know how our “home gift” swapping goes at our Yelp & Knok holiday bash! 


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