10 Travel Blogs to Follow (Part II)

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We continue with part two of the 10 most knoktastic travel blogs of the blogosphere. If you consider yourself a globetrotter, then you’ll want to add these blogs to your reading list and feed your wanderlust brain with new destinations, cultural histories, and unheard of curiosities revealed through these bloggers travel stories.

6. Sunshine And Siestas by Cat (Catherine) Gaa. Originally from Chicago, this expat blogger has been sharing her tales of traveling triumphs and woes since she first moved to Spain in 2005. Her posts are heart-felt and keep you wanting more! Read and vote for her recent post on 100 Cities!

7. Escaping Abroad by James Kelley. Jame’s blog is about his journey traveling across the globe, exploring as much of the world as he can, and his experiences along the way. He focuses on budget travel, scuba diving, exercising while traveling, travel photography, and working abroad.

8. A Cruising Couple by Dan and Casey Siemasko. This blog is brought to you by an attractive, wanderlust-bitten couple who, after a 2-year stint in Taiwan, have become “digital nomads” and continue to explore the world and share their adventures with us. If you’re ever in need of practical travel tips for your upcoming trip to Asia or simply want to get a little inspired by some amazing photography, their blog is a nice place to pay a digital visit.

9. Travel Cathay by Gaetan Reuse. Originally from Europe, Gaetan has spent the last 12 years in South and Southwest China. With a Master in Geography, his posts are well researched and his perspective is full of real cultural, historical, and geographical findings. If you’re planning a trip to China, you simply must spend some time reading Gaetan’s posts.

10. Chasing The Unexpected by Angela Corrias. The title of this site says it all. The articles Angela publishes stem from her travels, research, and her personal feelings about places, peoples, traditions. Angela shares with us the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of the distant (and not so distant) cultures she visits. If you want an honest and heartfelt travel tale, Angela’s blog is a good place to start reading.

…And last but not least, we cannot forget to mention our online collaborative guide 100 Citieswhich features the best experiences from local travel bloggers who encourage you to discover their hometowns as only a local could! We’ve previously highlighted some of the best of these bloggers in the TOP 10 Bloggers City-Style.


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  1. Thanks so much for including us in your awesome list! What an honor!

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