France: The Coastal Town of Collioure

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Home Swap- Collilure, FranceThe Mediterranean is one of those areas where the cities, the towns and the culture have a different flavour from the rest of the world. The atmosphere is just more unique and rich while the people are of a different caliber. Collioure, located in southern France, is a small beautiful coastal town, emblematic in its own way but definitely relaxing and peaceful. 

Collioure was known for being an artistic hub attracting painters who would let their artistic inspiration flow with the subtle sound of the waves. The renowned¬†Spanish poet, Antoni Machado, took refuge in Collioure where after he was changed by the Francoist military. Another important icon is the British historical novelist Patrick O’Brian who lived his last years in Collioure. But a part from this artistic touch, Collioure is a cute little town with colorful buildings and a bohemian feeling where you can enjoy a nice romantic weekend or a relaxing city escape where you will be able to enjoy the real routes of the Mediterranean culture. Because of its proximity to Catalunya (one of Spain’s northern states), Collioure is highly influenced by the catalan culture and not only because of its proximitybut because Catalan fishing boats dock everyday in the local port to deliver their catch of the day to local restaurants. So expect your meals to be absolutely fresh!

Enjoy a nice road trip across France’s southern coast and enjoy a memorable summer experience swapping your home!

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